Album: Light Keepers

Artist: Jenny Phillips

Album - Light Keepers

For the past four years Jenny Phillips has written albums specifically for the youth of the Church. Each song inspires them to live the gospel and remember their organization’s yearlong theme.

With five brand-new inspirational songs, narration, and accompaniment tracks, Light Keepers is not only a great value but a perfect program for conferences, programs, and activities. This year’s album will also again include a song translated and recorded into numerous languages from around the world.

Music CD - $12.98

Song List

  1. Lighthouse in the Night
  2. Fit for His Kingdom
  3. Firm in the Faith
  4. Light Keeper
  5. He Is the Way
  6. Hold Our Torches High
  7. Hold Our Torches High (with young men's chorus)
  8. Instrumental Performance Tracks and Recorded Narration
  9. Bonus Tracks (Dutch, Italian, German)

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