Songbook: The Ultimate LDS Songbook

Artists: Various

Songbook - The Ultimate LDS Songbook

With over 30 years of musical talent to draw from, you're sure to find your favorite LDS song in this definitive
collection songbook. This essential addition to every home is filled with songs for lessons, firesides, musical numbers, or just singing around that piano as a family. Manageable arrangements mean you can be playing or singing along in no time!

Music from popular artists such as: Kenneth Cope, Michael McLean, Jenny Phillips, Tyler Castleton, Saci Peters, Cherie Call, Hilary Weeks, Jason Deere, Mindy Gledhill, Doug Walker, Greg Simpson, Jeff Goodrich, Clive Romney and Julie de Azevedo

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A Mighty Change of Heart
A Woman's Heart
All My Days
All Times, All Things, All Places
Anchor of My Soul
Arise and Shine Forth
Beautiful to Him
Child of Light
Daughter of a King
From God's Arms to My Arms to Yours
Hands of Heaven
He Hears Me
His Hands
Hold On, the Light Will Come
Holding On
I Know He Lives
I Will Not Be Still
In the Meantime
Keeper of the Faith
Keeper of the Flame
Light Giver
Light on a Hill
Live Like You Believe
Mercy River
Mercy's Arms
My Father's Plan for Me
Never a Better Hero
Ninety and Nine
Oh Lord, My Redeemer
One Heart in the Right Place
One Voice
Perfect Love
Safe Harbors
Stand in Holy Places
The Atonement
These Are the Days
Treasure the Truth
We Believe
We're Sisters
What Have I Done with His Name
What Heaven Sees in You
Whatever It Takes
Where Faith Lives
White Dress
Window to His Love

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