Album: Sunday Morning Medley's

Artist: Dustin Snow

Album - Sunday Morning Medley's

Dustin Snow debuts his tremendous piano arrangements in a collection of medleys of the hymns. Medleys celebrating our innermost feelings of love, gratitude, peace, faith, etc., are professionally presented by this new and quickly upcoming artist. If you enjoy the music of Marvin Goldstein and David Glen Hatch, you will love this collection.

Music CD - $14.95


Song List - Listen to a preview by clicking any of the linked titles below.

  1. A Medley of Guidance
  2. A Medley of Love
  3. A Medley of Gratitude
  4. A Medley of Comfort
  5. How Great Thou Art
  6. A Medley of Faith
  7. A Medley of Peace
  8. A Medley of Humility
  9. A Medley of Our Savior
  10. Sweet Hour of Prayer

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