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Artist: Wanda Lindstrom

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Wanda Lindstrom has been a groundbreaking influence in the LDS musicians world for 17 years. She was the first to receive the annual LDS booksellers FAVORITE FEMALE VOCALIST award and has been singing on her own and many other's albums since. She has performed on albums with Michael McLean, Bryce Neubert, Janice Kapp Perry, Marvin Goldstein, Kathleen Holyoak, Christy Hinkson, and a host of other well known LDS artists. She pioneered work on some of the first HYMN album concepts, (a now thoroughly explored concept) with her ex-husband and still dear friend, Wade Lindstrom, along with the marvelous talents of Marvin Goldstein. The products FAVORITE HYMNS OF THE PROPHETS ONE AND TWO have been best sellers for years. A third FAVORITE HYMNS is now being worked on.


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