Music CD/Songbook: Songs for Moms

Artist: Wanda Lindstrom

Album and Songbook - Songs for Moms

Award winning songwriters Wanda Lindstrom and Christy Hinkson unite their talents in Songs for Moms - a CD/Songbook combination with songs celebrating mothers everywhere. This is perfect for Mother's Day and for baby shower gifts. Includes minus tracks for performance.

Music CD/Songbook - $14.95


Song List - Listen to a preview by clicking any of the linked titles below.

  1. To Change the World
  2. And I Love You
  3. I've Made Up My Mind
  4. Ill Be Forever Grateful
  5. The Greatest Work
  6. Turn Your Heart to the Family
  7. To Change the World (Instrumental)
  8. And I Love You (Instrumental)
  9. I've Made Up My Mind (Instrumental)
  10. I'll Be Forever Grateful (Instrumental)
  11. The Greatest Work (Instrumental)
  12. Turn Your Heart to the Family (Instrumental)

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