Album/Songbook: My Redeemer

Artist: Christy Hinkson

Album and Songbook - My Redeemer

This compilation album is a collection of songs praising the Savior. Sold as a CD/ Songbook combination, the music is ready to be enjoyed as well as performed. An ideal addition for collectors of good music and a must for anyone who loves to sing. Featuring the talents of favorite artists such as Dan Carter, Tyler Castleton, James Royce Edwards, Jenny Frogley, Greg Hansen, Christy Hinkson, David Hinkson, Luis Jimenez, Dean Kaelin, Ashley Nancolas, Johanne Perry and Boyd Rowley. (Also available soon in Spanish)

Music CD/Songbook - $14.95

Song List - Listen to a preview by clicking any of the linked titles below.

  1. Let Him Heal Your Heart
  2. Like His Hands
  3. Would I Have Known Him
  4. He Stands At the Door
  5. My Redeemer

CD tracks 6-10 are sing-along instrumental versions of the songs above.

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