Album: The Price of Freedom

Artist: Rob Gardner

The Price of Freedom - Album

Arizona natives Rob Gardner and McKane Davis have teamed up to create and produce the premiere production of The Price of Freedom.

The hour-long presentation portrays individual accounts of the major events and battles of World War II beginning with the attack on Pearl Harbor and the US entry into the war, and ending with the Allied forces' victory in Japan.

The Price of Freedom features an original score, composed by Gardner, which serves as a moving underscore to the stories of men and women who fought in World War II. McKane Davis' lyrics are based on personal experiences of the soldiers and their families, as expressed in their own correspondence.

Music CD - $14.95

Song List - Listen to a preview by clicking any of the linked titles below.

01 Pearl Harbor

02 Enlisting

03 Can I Do This On My Own

04 My Baby's Gone

05 I Need to Tell You

06 Can You Hear Me

07 Another Day Begins

08 D-Day Invasion

09 A Paratrooper's Prayer

10 Can You Hear Me (Reprise)

11 One Last Time

12 Your Brother By Your Side

13 Because of You

14 Finale

15 Hymn to the Innocent

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